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    Awaken Solace

    Awaken Solace is a little-known symphonic metal band from Australia. Their debut album, In Nightfall's Embrace, was released on the first of June, 2012. They draw influences from bands such as Nightwish, Epica and Sonata Arctica. The strong mystical themes found in their lyrics and their Steampunk image sets them apart from other bands in the Australian metal scene. Their music is somewhat unique within the genre, drawing heavy inspiration from the Baroque period, which differs from the usual Classical period inspired metal. The Passing is their first single and music video.

    When I discovered Awaken Solace, I was instantly hooked. The flowing melodious tunes, the perfectly arranged orchestral and choir segments, the catchy riffs and solid percussion. Everything in their music just seems to work perfectly together. Being a little bit of a sound design nut, I absolutely cannot talk about this band without taking the opportunity to talk about their production qualities.

    The drums are very clean and crisp, as is the piano. The guitars are a driving force without overpowering any of the other instruments. The guitar is actually toned down when other layers of instruments are added, as not to make the tracks clash. The vocals are somewhat toned down from what you'd expect in symphonic metal - Maree's voice is used rather as an instrument of sorts, perfectly complementing the music without trying to dominate it. All of the tracks are mastered beautifully in a way which avoids clashing of all sorts. This is achievable because they do not play into loudness war production and mastering. They sure know how to make their music sound brilliant without amping up the volume of their core tracks.

    As for the album, In Nightfall's Embrace, it is a wonderful experience to listen to. The opening track, Moonlight's Wake is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Awaken Solace. Every song flows perfectly into the next, never interrupting the constant flow of melody. The whole album is full of enchanting fantasy themes, exploring the light and dark for all it's worth. It takes you through the hard and soft, the fast and slow, and is a truly unique experience. I would rate this album a perfect 10/10 and suggest it to any fan of symphonic metal.

    The band's official website can be found at and their album can be purchased either in physical copy through their website or digitally on iTunes and Amazon. Highly recommended band! Enjoy, everyone.
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    thanks for sharing this nice information about music ....loving it

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    thanks for sharing this nice information about music ....loving it

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