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Thread: Music with just guitar and drums?

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    Music with just guitar and drums?

    Hello everyone,,
    I've been making music as a hobby for a while, and while I've learned to play bass, piano, harmonica, and a few others reasonably well, guitar is still my main instrument. Recently I came into possession of a drum machine, and in an effort to get out and actually play some gigs, I've been debating trying to write music that only features guitar and drums, so I can do the whole show with just me and my drum machine.
    The only problem: I have no idea how to write music with such a limited arrangement! A rhythm section without a bass is completely foreign to me, and I don't know how to write a guitar part that has to carry basically all the melodic content for a song. To that end, I'm hoping some of my fellow bedroom musicians might know of some good music that uses nothing but drums and guitar? Any genre is fine, I just need some ideas for how to write this sort of stuff. Advice or tips for writing with those limited options are also appreciated!
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