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Thread: Thristana - Devil's Destiny EP 2012

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    Exclamation Thristana - Devil's Destiny EP 2012

    Hello Everybody!

    The Hungarian symphonic progressive metal band, Thristana released their new EP with the title: Devil's Destiny!
    You can listen to the songs on the band's soundcloud page.
    You can download two songs from the album but the official webshop of the band has been opened so if you'd like to support the band you can purchare the songs there for only 0.99$ each. Also the song, Our Never Ending Story is only available for download here:

    If you like the songs, check out the official facebook page for more information, videos and photos.

    About the band:


    Ide idea of the band came up in István's mind around 2009.
    After several tries, searching the band was formed in the november of 2011 with the name Thristana. The work has begun on an album.

    In January the work on the Devil's Destiny EP has begun, rehersals has been started.
    The EP album was finished in September.

    The Genre:

    Symphonic metal with classical female vocals and progressive elements. The base fo the genre is made up by the symphony which is sounded by the keyboards, the choirs and the orchestral elements. This is accompanied by the guitars and the drums. The female tones sometimes are mixed with male vocals which is giving harder sounding for the melodic and classical female phrases.

    The name:

    Tristana is an orphan adopted by nobleman don Lope Garrido. Don Lope falls in love with her and thus treats her as daughter and wife from the age of 19. But, by age 21 Tristana starts finding her voice, to demand to study music, art and other subjects with which she wishes to become independent. She meets the young artist Horacio Díaz, falls in love, and eventually leaves Toledo to live with him. When she falls ill, she returns to don Lope. The illness results in her losing a leg, which changes her prospects.

    Don Lope inherits money from his sister, Tristana eventually marries him, and, when don Lope is ill, Tristana finishes him off by feigning calling the doctor and opening the window to the winter cold. By then she has become jaded like don Lope.

    From there comes our name, a referal for the film and novel. About and orphan, who wants to live for arts, about a murderer wife, who have killed her husband. That's how our songs about love, itrigue, delusion, vengeance.


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    Verry Solid Stuff Smooth Vocals Smooth as Silk Sweet As Wild Mountain Honey . Great Job You Guys

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    I just listened to our never ending story, definately a thumbs up from me

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