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    Here's the recreation of the Retrospect appreciation post!

    On the 23rd of March this year, Epica preformed their colossal 10th anniversary show known as Retrospect. I wasn't lucky enough to be there, however I plugged my computer into my 60 inch screen and enjoyed the 3 hours of splendor. I would seriously rank this as the best live show I have ever seen and cannot wait to see it on DVD after post-production! My personal highlights of the night include Sancta Terra, The Phantom Agony and of course the wonderful reunion during Quietus. It was such a beautiful moment! This is the place to share all your thoughts about this wonderful show. What was everybody's favourite part? Was anyone lucky enough to be there and attend the after-party? How ready for the DVD are you? Enjoy, guys!

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    I have only seen bits and pieces of the show. I still want to see all 3 hours of the EPICA concert Retrospect. A lot of my favorite EPICA songs are on Retrospect, that makes me very happy. I WILL be buying the Retrospect set from the Official North American EPICA webshop on the 22nd of November. I can't wait to see Simone and the band and enjoy the AWESOME music from EPICA and all the bonus features too!

    It will be EPIC(A)!!!! LOL.

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    I pre-ordered the 2xDVD/3xCD Retrospect set yesterday from the indiemerch store. I am so excited!
    I can't wait for it to come in the mail!
    EPICA Rock!!! \m/

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    I have asked Santa for the Retrospect Blu-ray/CD boxset.I'm really looking forward to it.

    Santa did bring me the Retrospect boxset - hooray!
    It really is a good concert with nearly all of my favourite Epica songs included. There is also a guest appearance by Floor Jansen.
    My only problem is with the light show. At times there is just too much going on.
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