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Thread: The Human Contradiction - THOUGHTS on Delain's new album?

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    The Human Contradiction - THOUGHTS on Delain's new album?

    So Delain have recently released their new album, The Human Contradiction?

    What do you guys think of the new album?

    I will tell you right now, as someone who decided to recently look into Delain's music and being a fan of Nightwish, Amberian Dawn, and Epica, I LOVE this album by Delain, and their music in general.
    Charlotte Wessels has a great voice and there are so many heavy rockin' songs on this album that make me tap my foot and bang my head a lot.

    "Here Come The Vultures" is a big favorite of mine, along with "Stardust" and "Your Body Is A Battleground", of course those aren't the only favorites I have from the album, I have quite a few more as well.

    This is by far their heaviest album, and it's a winner for me!
    5/5 great work Delain!

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    I agree with you, BEAMER3K, 'The Human Contradiction' is Delain's best album so far. It's a little heavier than before, yet still melodic. Charlotte Wessel's vocals are great. There are guest appearances from Marco Hietala, George Oosthoek and Alissa White-Gluz. I bought the 2CD version, which includes 2 bonus tracks, 5 live tracks and 2 instrumental orchestral tracks. This is one of the best albums out this year.
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