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Thread: New Nightwish album

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    New Nightwish album

    Nightwish release their new album on March 30th, 2015. It is called 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful' and is available as a 1CD version, 2CD Digibook, 3CD Earbook, vinyl, and vinyl picturedisc. It is also available to download.
    This is the first Nightwish studio album to feature new vocalist Floor Jansen.
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    I am looking forward to it. I am a BIG Nightwish fan. I don't own everything they have released yet, but I am working on that.
    I already have ripped all of their CDs from copies that the library owned. But, I want my own copies. I bought and own two of thier CDs. Once and Century Child are now apart of my metal music collection. I am buying AFF, OB, and WM tomorrow. I will add DPP and Imaginaerum in a few weeks. Then I will also get EFMB as well.

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    Well, I have to give a big bravo, two thumbs up, a standing ovation to Tuomas once again!!!
    I didn't think he could release another solid Nightwish album after Imaginaerum. I was wrong.
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a GREAT album!!! He did well with this one and so did Floor Jansen!!!
    There isn't one weak track worth skipping on EFMB. The whole album is GREAT from beginning to end.

    I now own all eight Nightwish studio albums and the Over The Hills And Far Away EP.

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