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Thread: Wow! What a GREAT band!!!

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    Wow! What a GREAT band!!!

    OK, I have to say that I just discovered this band through Yes a site called Gnoosic that asks for three of your favorite bands and makes recomendations on based upon the three bands you listed as favorites. It takes into account music style, vocal approach, and various other elements present in your three favorites and gets you bands that "you might like."

    I put in Nightwish, Delain and EPICA. What I got was a list of bands and Lunatica was one of them. I got curious and listened to "Two Dreamers" first. I was drawn to that song on Youtube because I saw Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII (Yes, I am a fan of FF13). I really liked the song as it reminded me of a FF song from the game. The female vocalist also stuck a chord with me.

    I then decided to listen to songs off the 2004 album, "Fables & Dreams". I was blown away by the melodies, the bombastic power behind it all, the great guitar and keyboard work and loved the singer's voice. I ended up listening to all ten songs on the album and I really liked them all. To me Lunatica has the musical power and flair of both Epica (mostly Epica) and a little Nightwish mixed with a vocal approach and sound that reminded me of Charlotte Wessels from Delain. They are a mix of symphonic power metal and a little neo-classical metal.

    They are very good! Fans of Nightwish, Epica and Delain check out Lunatica.
    These Swiss metal guys and girl are AWESOME!!!!

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    My favourite Lunatica track is 'My Hardest Walk', which can be found on the 2009 album 'New Shores'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randall Flagg View Post
    My favourite Lunatica track is 'My Hardest Walk', which can be found on the 2009 album 'New Shores'.
    I will be listening to that album in its entirity next. I listened to "Fables & Dreams" yesterday and "The Edge Of Infinity" earlier today. I really liked both albums a lot. Fables is my favorite. I plan on buying those albums by the end of the week. I will listen to "New Shores" tonight, and I will probably end up buying it too.

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    Wow What a GREAT band

    Hi Josh,

    It was great meeting you and your wife at NEAF. Thanks for stopping by the booth And more importantly, thanks for signing up here at DSF


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