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Thread: What are some of your favorite female fronted symphonic metal bands?

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    What are some of your favorite female fronted symphonic metal bands?

    Hello guys and gals. So what are some of your favorite symphonic metal bands?
    I have several favorites.

    Nightwish is my top favorite metal band PERIOD. Not just under the symphonic metal umbrella.
    EPICA is another top favorite of mine. They are often now tied in the #1 spot with Nightwish.
    Delain is another top favorite of mine.
    Amberian Dawn is another band I like.
    Lunatica is a band I recently discovered a few days ago and fell in love with their music. I am buying their albums tomorrow.
    Pythia is another favorite of mine.

    I also got my eye on a few other bands including, Xandria (I already like a few of their songs), Sirenia, Within Temptation, and Dark Sarah.

    This genre of metal is my favorite and it I love it.

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    Never heard of Dark Sarah, will check them out. I saw Sirenia at Dames of Darkness festival.

    Pythia - new singer and new songs are not up to the standard as they have been in recent years. Can't argue with the rest of your suggestions.


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    Dark Sarah is the project fronted by the ex-Amberian Dawn vocalist Heidi Parviainen. There are two albums out - 'Behind the Black Veil' and 'The Puzzle'.

    When it comes to symphonic metal I pretty much like everything. Nightwish and Epica are my favourites and I have a soft spot for Sorronia, too.

    My fave symphonic albums are -
    Nightwish - 'Oceanborn' / 'Once' / 'Imaginaerum'
    Epica - 'The Divine Conspiracy' (This album is bonkers)
    Tarja - 'What Lies Beneath'
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