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Thread: Guess the artist and album - GAME

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    Guess the artist and album - GAME

    Ok, I will describe the cover art of an album. I will try to give as much detail as possible, I will not reveal any letters or numbers on the cover. It is up to you to guess the album and artist.
    If you get it right, then you go next.

    I will start.
    On the album cover there is a white girl with black hair wearing a white dress.
    She is kneeling down in a pond of purple water with purple/white-ish water falls over black rocks behind her.
    She is holding a black rose in her hands.

    What album cover art am I describing and by whom?

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    Guess the album cover game.
    The above cover is 'Century Child' by Nightwish.

    Which cover is this? It's a snowy day. There are some straggly trees in the background. In the foreground a man in black is cradling a dying woman. She has black hair and is wearing white. There is a pool of blood.
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