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Thread: The Quantum Enigma

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    The Quantum Enigma

    So, who here has listened to Epica's new album "The Quantum Enigma".

    I have love this album, it is one very good Epica album!
    I feel it's better than the previous album, RftI.

    My favorite songs on TQE include:
    The Second Stone
    The Essence of Silence
    Victims of Contingency
    Sense Without Sanity
    Unchain Utopia
    Chemical Insomnia
    Reverence - Living In The Heart
    Omen - The Ghoulish Malady
    Canvas of Life
    Natural Corruption
    The Quantum Enigma - Kingdom of Heaven PART II

    So basically almost the whole album!
    But, I love it!

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    I agree with you, BEAMER3K, The Quantum Enigma is a very good album. It has everything an Epica fan could ask for - Simone's amazing vocals, Mark's growls, choirs, superb musicianship and great songs. I have played it every day since I got it. I bought the 2CD version.

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