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Thread: Within Temptation - Hydra - It's still a rubbish album.

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    Unhappy Within Temptation - Hydra - It's still a rubbish album.

    When 'Hydra' first came out I really hated it with a passion. It was boring beyond belief. The inclusion of four guests was just a desperate attempt to make it more interesting. But the very worse thing about it was including a rapper on 'And We Run'. I don't know what idiot thought of that. I have barely played any WT since and I did not go to the last tour.
    But how do I feel about it now? I played it again today. It is still dreadful album and I'll probably never play it again.
    Within Temptation peaked with the album 'The Heart of Everything' and they need to go back to that quality and style of songwriting. They also need to drop all the guests.
    (I usually only post about thngs I like, so this shows exactly what I think and I won't apologise.)
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