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Thread: So who likes what?

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    So who likes what?

    Im pretty open, if i like the sound of it ill listen...but doesnt mean im a fan of that genre...kinda more classic...GnR etc or newer stuff like Nickleback, Korn, Linkin Park....what about everyone else?

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    I'll listen to most anything that has a good sound to it, which consists of basically anything and everything, but rarely Country haha.
    I'd have to say I enjoy death metal more than anything, though.

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    Guest bdr4545's Avatar
    Guns N' Roses isn't really metal in my book, but I do love the band. Favorite metal band of all time has to be Iron Maiden. Hmm... what else... Pantera, older Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Municipal Waste, Mastodon, and
    some others I can't think of.

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    As you might know, just love symphonic metal, especially female fronted. Epica, so excited to see Simone this year, Delain seen twice , Coronatus, the German sound is great, love Leaves Eyes, going later this year to see, Nightwish, the list is continuous. Also I like all genres, really like In This Moment, Maria Brink is awesome. Folk is almost a cross between symphonic metal and heavy metal, which I really like Ancient Bards & Eluveitie.

    Power metal, heavy metal & death metal, like Aborted, Cannibal Corps. Also Slayer, Machine Head, Otep, Paramore. Why do people always assume metal is just screaming etc? well Paramore is more rock but I still categorize it similarly to metal.

    Also like old stuff like Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird one of my favorites and David Bowie. So basically I like all types of metal/rock/melodic.

    It is difficult to get people to understand that metal is not just death metal but their are numerous genres, especially when you live in North London and most people listen to Crudstep, Hip Hop/Rap. (small print not all rap is derogatory but a lot is)

    On the other hand their is more of a community when certain music is not mainstream on the radios etc.
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    I prefer metallica and megadeth but when it comes to technicality as well
    of musicality, my choice goes for Mr.Big and of course,Mr. Paul Gilbert.

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    metallicam, megadeth yes I too agree,

    remember their is no wrong answer on AMB everyone has their own likes and dislikes, try to be respectful of this. one site i don't like to mention is ULTIMATE***** because they single out entire genres like symphonic and female fronted bands,

    I remember the discussion I had, because some people were against me posting about female fronted bands. Never felt so angry in my entire life. This is the link to the thread has over 1000 views.

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    shattered oblivion
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    I personally prefer music that is more meaningful, I can more appreciate the vocals than I usually do the music itself.

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    I personaly prefer music that has meaning and sometimes life related but over all i like lots of music i.e Korn,Foo's,soad,skillet,flyleaf, ...... so many to name but there is just a few i like

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    show no mercy
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    doom thrash death nwobhm..those are my favs

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    LittleMissMetal (Bot)
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    Symphonic metal rules, Dragonfroce were awesome a few weeks ago,

    but I do like all metal, thrash, death also great, show no mercy ;-)

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