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Thread: So who likes what?

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    saving grace
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    I have found a new favorite band they are called Skindred they are awesome.
    Skindred is a Welsh rock band formed in Newport, South Wales in 1998. Skindred's musical style mixes heavy metal,
    alternative rock and reggae.

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    I love most melodic death metal - omnium gatherum, insomnium, dt, fleshgod apocalypse (I know it's symphonic death metal but it is really close to it imo or technical death metal - obscura, death,... and also the classic - Dio, Judas priest,...

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    I like all kinds os metal, actually, but my favorite genres are Bestial Black Metal (Goatpennis, Archgoat, Blaspheme, Goatmoon), Viking Metal (Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Tr) and Folk Metal (Thuatha de Dannan, Korpiklaani, Yggdrasil, Finntroll)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Classic metal is the best to me.
    Me too I also like Classic metal.

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    I like all kinds os metal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Classic metal is the best to me.
    Just like me, I love it

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    I get concerned sometimes that metal is getting too stock. I play with bands who, although they are better musicians than my band, their music just follows that standard template. Nightwish are a classic example of a band who can do the soaring choruses with their more populist songs, but then they demonstrate that they have such a breadth of styles.

    Other bands doing interesting stuff - Fair to Midland, Leprous, Devin Townsend, Opeth (of course...)

    I am willing to be educated, but as far as I can see the bands who make a living what they do have to sacrifice ingenuity for prosperity.

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    Hmmmm.....I'm open to whatever sounds good, regardless of what METAL category it fits into. I mean.....come on! There is so much of it out there!

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